Bobcat Girls is a riding club in Moorland. The leader of the club, Loretta, will give the player different tasks before making them a club member.


Loretta on her horse and Tan

Loretta and the other club members will criticize and be cold to the player at first, but eventually they warm up to the player, after you've proved yourself.

Club Information

The club leaders are Loretta and her best friend Tan. The club seems to have a hot pink/magenta theme, as all the members wear pink tops and in the Bobcat Girls shop they sell pink clothing and tack. Other Bobcat Girls can be found around Moorland.

Races And Daily Quests

The Bobcat Girls have three race tracks:


  • A girl who is wearing the Bobcat Girls top can be found at Leonardo's; she is probably a member of the club.
  • Beatriz can be found riding her horse from Moorland to Old Man Jasper's house.
  • Chloé, Charlotte, Stephanie and Laura can be spotted near Loretta and Tan.
  • Most Bobcats can be found at the Bobcat meeting area.
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