Rivermare168 Rivermare168 12 November 2023

the pain

I have the worst father ever when we dont do what were told he takes away our phones which is the bullshit maybe mom should take away his play station because he doesnt do what hes told either were just following his example

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Nellie Shortnight Nellie Shortnight 6 July 2023

Warrior Clubs on Star Stable?

For my Star Stable gang, are Warrior Cats clubs still alive? I've checked names, and a lot of the clan names are still taken? I just got back into the books, and I feel like it'd be cool to make one myself for fun, or to join one, that is. I'm willing to move to whatever server, so that's out of the question. Currently, I'm on Wind Star. I'm willing to move, though. Let me know, ya'll. I'm open to mail as well, if you know any.

I'm also debating on making one of my own, and I desperately would need help if that were to happen. If anyone is also interested in that, please mail me through SSO mail at Nellie Shortnight.

Star Stable Online & Clubs

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Waitinghighlife Waitinghighlife 5 June 2023

Valedale Start Training Route

As inspired by u/Baradragon and a post from about three years ago, I wanted to release my own personal training route for my home stable, Valedale. While this one will be a bit outdated, I am just only now getting back into the game, the general idea *should* stay the same. Additionally, if your home stable is in Moorland, please check out Baradragon's training routes! They are also outdated, but theres the general idea :)

Like Baradragon's route, this will require one instance of going back to your home stable. A visual aid/map is to the side.

Start 1: Red

  1. Begin with Valedale races
    • Orienteering > Classic Valedale race > Soul Riding (if have it) > Mario's Observatory races
  2. Take the lift to Silverglade Manor races
    • Baroness' Racetrack > Silverglade …
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MiloMilo666 MiloMilo666 1 May 2023

Some of my best SSO photos

This post contains some cool pictures I've made while exploring Jorvik :). I enjoy making these pics. It's fun.

1. Chasing Butterflies (Valedale Lake)

2. Carrot Fields (Mistfall)

3. Nameless cause idk a good name (Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur)

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SSOpaige SSOpaige 15 April 2023

Love Goldenleaf Stables!

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Emmylynnc Emmylynnc 26 January 2023

Advertising (remove if not allowed didn't see anything that said it was agents the rules)

Join Star Stable Family international Social Media Site/App made by SSFI Administrators! Star Stable Family international is where you can meet other online players from ALL over the world. Our Site offers:

- Community's (Create & Join groups that has been made by the SSFI Team, by others, and by your Club Owner)

- Badges (Get cool badges by your name)

- Ask questions (Get info from others and other helpful things by using the forums)

- Talk with others (Chat one-on-one or in group chats with your friends or club members. The chat is not moderated for your privacy.)

- Download our app - In order to have the website on the app you must be a valid member of the site before you have access to download our app. Our app makes it easier for our site…

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Ssolife576 Ssolife576 28 September 2022


Halloween is up and coming! If you don't like spoilers, don't read this.

I don't have any photo, but there is two new magic horses coming out. The first one is a Shire breed, named Nemain. His normal coat is pure black, literally pure black. Even his eyes are black except the whites. The magic coat is also black. His eyes are green along with stitches on the side of his face. His tail is an orange-red scheme, along with with his hindlegs. On his hindquarters is like a lava swirl or crack, which I think is very pretty. The second one is an American Paint Horse, named Lavarna. Her normal coat is like a rough bay color, with pattern of white all over. Her face has a star that leads into a stripe/blaze. Her mane and tail is braided. Lavarna's m…

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Ssolife576 Ssolife576 27 September 2022

Trying Some Western

Today I'm trying some western with my quarter horse, Amy :) We're going to trying a rein back, a slide stop, and a gallop! We are taking place at Starshine Ranch! This is just for fun but we hope to take part in some shows and rodeos. I'm also an eventer, but I would like to get more into western. If you have seen, my new Thoroughbred Snowy is for racing! I'm pretty much trying out new disciplines, so here's western. I have a strong interest in reining, possibly cutting.

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Ssolife576 Ssolife576 27 September 2022

Introducing Summer Warriors!

Hiii :3 So, I'm introducing my new dressage club, Summer Warriors. We've actually been here awhile, just been remade a few times. So here we are again! Right now we're sticking to original members and what not. If you truly want to join, we are for now on Chocolate Cupcake, NA region. Our requirements: Must have an Arabian or be able to get one, be level I5 or higher, PERFERABLY(not required) ages 11 or higher, and must be active for the most part. You will need an interview and an application, so if you want one, just message or comment to me. Make sure to check out our YouTube as well, run by Emmanuelle Oakroad(credit to her), and called Summer Warriors SSO. Thanks!

[[File:StarStable 2022-04-30 21-23-35.png|thumb|771x771px|Yas

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Ssolife576 Ssolife576 27 September 2022

Which One?

I can't decide which Shire to get >.< I wanna get the white or bay, but it's really ticking me off. I need help rn TwT

The white's face and the other Shire I want is down there, so just keep scrolling:>

Here is the dappled dark bay, over on the side. I love it so much too but I only want to buy one for now. Put down your vote or opinion in the comments or put a message on the message wall. Thanks!

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Ssolife576 Ssolife576 25 September 2022

All About Horses

My brand new Thoroughbred, Snowy! She's a light grey mare, great racer. Loves morning and afternoon walks and here we are ambling over the river. Her favorite place is the Baroness Racetrack placed by the Silverglade Manor and her show name is "Living a Bright Life".

Thanks for reading. This is my very first post, so I hope you enjoyed it :)

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Catherinesunford Catherinesunford 20 January 2022

Dark Core

Recently, actually yesterday, I FINALLY reached level 14. It happened during a quest in Aideen's Plaza.

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Montana Skybridge Montana Skybridge 11 January 2022

Sad times...

I might, in the future (not now) quit sso... Not official yet though.

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Catherinesunford Catherinesunford 15 December 2021




Iv'e decided to start a blog about the good, bad, and downright NaStY things that happen in the wonderful world of Star Stable Online!

You may know me for my famous posts, where I ask everyone (pointessly) their opinions on:

-new horses

- horse colors

- favorite NPCs


-creepy santa's helper elf things in the christmas village

In case you haven't realized... I'm not famous and nobody cares about my posts. (though I'm not saying I don't get replies 👍)

Anywhoooo... Iv'e noticed in myself and my online friends (whom I know nothing about) that we've become increasingly annoyed and *please wait while I find a synonym for annoyed on* ------

annoyed and VEXED by SSO's constant new horse additions. I know I …

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MillaWonho2820 MillaWonho2820 9 October 2021

SSO bullying throward disable true kindess player and trues equestrian owners

hello all stars stables players 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

I will today be talking about a subjet real close to my heart and my feellings about it ...

it will be problably more talking about and how i'am living eachs days with it on the game 😭😭😭😭😭😭

so it is always starting like this


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Sofia PuppyDragon Sofia PuppyDragon 23 August 2021

This is scary

So I was walk around in Jorvik mall ( The Top floor with all the stores closed ) And I see just a bunch of crates and boxes. I was wondering what was behind the boxes. So I look behind the boxes and I find this creepy dude behind the boxes. He looks like some one from GED... Maybe GED did something to made all the stores closed....

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FlyingCookie13 FlyingCookie13 8 August 2021

Good Songs to Use for SSO

  • 1 Potato's Stans
    • 1.1 Rihanna
    • 1.2 Halsey
    • 1.3 Dev
  • 2 EDM
    • 2.1 Laura Brehm
    • 2.2 Anna Yvette
    • 2.3 Veela
    • 2.4 Disfigure
    • 2.5 TheFatRat
    • 2.6 Desmeon
    • 2.7 Different Heaven
    • 2.8 Cartoon
    • 2.9 Rob Gasser
    • 2.10 NIVIRO
    • 2.11 Unknown Brain
  • 3 Other Songs
    • 3.1 NCS
    • 3.2 Misc

  • Birthday Cake (extended version feat. Chris Brown; Moorland champ only)
  • Cockiness (Love It) (Moorland champ only)
  • Diamonds (sometimes, usually for special occassions or if I'm just feeling lucky)
  • Disturbia
  • Don't Stop the Music
  • Hard (feat. Jeezy)
  • Only Girl (In the World)
  • Pon De Replay
  • Pour It Up (usually for Pony champ only)
  • Rude Boy (Moorland champ only)
  • SOS
  • Shut Up and Drive (champ anthem)
  • S&M (usually Moorland champ only)
  • Towards the Sun (Home OST)
  • Where Have You Been (Firgrove only)
  • We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)

  • Bad at Love
  • Be Kind (w/ Marshmello)
  • Castle
  • Dev…

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Isla Jewelway Isla Jewelway 7 August 2021

Jorvik Stars!

Members: 20

My Position: Champion

Owner: Aspen Greenforest

Server: Chocolate Cupcake

Club Name: Jorvik Stars

Outfit: None, we have a color of the day though.

Calendar: Changes every Sunday

Club Horse: Dressage Horse: Fresian, Trail Ride Horse: Arabian.


Christelle: Lemon

Shilo: Oaky

Aspen: None, Aspen.

Valentina: Val

Isla: Isa

Jacqueline: Jac

(I will write down more nicknames soon. Those are the ones that are most active.

About This Club: Jorvik Stars is an ‘All Aroundk club. We do dressage, trail rides, games, hangouts, jumping and more. Club Calender changes every Sunday.

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FlyingCookie13 FlyingCookie13 23 July 2021

Club Roster

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Isla Jewelway Isla Jewelway 21 July 2021

Horses I Own/ Real Life Edition

Hello!!!! I recently got a new horse called Jewel today and I’d though I would make a list of horses I own.

  1. Nala. She was my first horse, a bay mare with black mane and three white socks. Thoroughbred.
  2. Lilac. beautiful black pinto mare.
  3. Jewel. Palomino mare with four white socks. Newest horse. Irish Sport.
  4. Lavender. Lilac’s close friend, palomino dappled mare.
  5. Twilight. Black stallion, little white stripe on forehead. No socks, my dressage horse.
  6. Stargazer. Dark brown pinto stallion.

JewelWay Talk:

I’ll give you updates on my equine life and SSO life daily.

Day 1. Jewel arrived! My SSO friend Holly Proudlight I think is on this wiki! If you see this Hi Holly welcome to the wiki, I’m sorry I left the pony role-play we were doing early today, I neede…

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Equestrian Eventing Equestrian Eventing 9 July 2021

한국 소녀 사진

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Isla Jewelway Isla Jewelway 8 July 2021

Why do a love the old Hanoverian soo much?

A few days ago I was on the Star stable database trying to find pics of the new Arabian, I was scrolling through horse breeds when I found the Hanoverian- I never really thought of buying the Hanoverian because it was old model but I clicked on it anyways and looked through the pictures. I especially loved the dark bay on the horses app and decided to go look at it. I logged onto the horses app and saw the dark bay Hanoverian, I loved it so much! I don’t know why but I clicked on the dark bay and chose a name for it, Goldsoul is what I called it. I should have named it Windrunner (one of my favorite warrior cats) but I just thought Goldsoul fit nicely. I nicknamed it Windy after Hazel Duskmans series Racing the Wind and also Windrunner fro…

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Rose Emberbank Rose Emberbank 3 May 2021

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Hey everyone!!! Welcome to my nicey nice blog! I keep this blog just because I'm bored and want to share my days in SSO with you! As of now I don't have anything to say as of now, but stay tuned!!!

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-Hunter Oakpot sso- -Hunter Oakpot sso- 27 February 2021

Where you can find me in SSO!

Hello! I am Hunter Oakpot! you can find me on night-star server under the name Hunter Oakpot.

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Kdmson Kdmson 1 February 2021

Rivi’s horses

I girls this is my first ever blog I am really excited and I love horses! Thank you if you read or are reading this!

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SilverOLand SilverOLand 7 January 2021


kámo já mám článek

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The New Jorvik Friesian!

The new Jorvik Friesian is on its way! This extra sweet Christmas Gift has a lot of swag with two special moves! Ask your new horse to Canter Pirouette or Piaffe on the spot! To ask you horse to Piaffe you will press the space bar while standing still. However with the new Canter Pirouette who now what we will do to achieve that gorgeous movement. The Jorvik Friesian will also have a special braided mane look available. This look will have a French running braid in the mane and in the tail a super cute Dutch braid!

The Jorvik Friesian is coming to Jorvik TOMORROW! There are new coat colors and they will be available next to the Knabstrupper at Jorvik Stables.

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Nahlaspringfield Nahlaspringfield 2 December 2020

Anne was the imposter


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Lydia Poplion Lydia Poplion 2 December 2020

Why can't I add an avatar file

okay so

when i try to add an avatar file, it says there's an internal error. HOW DO I FIX THIS?! o.o

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Baradragon Baradragon 9 October 2020

Observations: When does SSO release codes?

Please expand this post for the correct format!

Hi all, 

As an on and off SSO player since 2015, I have always wondered when new codes came out. Please note that some years had events that caused an irregular code release schedule. 

  • At some point, SSO decided to only release codes for new players.
  • The game sometimes releases star coin codes to celebrate reaching a certain followed or subscriber count on their social media.
  • In 2019, Star Stable Live happened, gifting players clothes and star coins. 
  • In 2020, Zelda Ghostfrog had a "summer" event called Exploring Jorvik lasting a whole month which granted codes that gave 100 sc every week to paying Star Riders and 7 days of Star Rider to every non-Star Rider. I believe that this was a special occas…
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Baradragon Baradragon 1 October 2020

Training Route (HS in Moorland, No trailer needed)

Hi y'all!

I have made a training route that covers all the races, no trailer required for those who have a home stable in Moorland, and of course Star Rider only. A visual, labelled map is shown below. The route is broken into 2 parts. At the start of each part, you must begin in moorland. Feel free to use it, or take inspiration from it

Also if anyone would like to know how long it takes to max a horse to level 15 with no trainer in 2020, I did the maths:


Training Route List

1. Moorland 

2. Nilmer's Highland 

3. Steve's farm

4. Vineyard (Baroness's racetrack first, vineyard races, garden race)

5. Riding Hall

6. Jasper's pumpkin race  (so that you don't need to run back from GHV later)

7. Mario's observatory

8. Valedale

9. Dino valley (if cold tol…

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Baradragon Baradragon 16 September 2020

Wednesday Update Times

  • So here I have added the Wednesday update times recorded on AEST and AEDT once more, if people want to know about what time and how long sso takes to update from past records.
  • The average update time is usually 2 hours, however, larger updates like new areas and backend maintenance may take up to 5 hours.
  • The average time that Wednesday updates begin is anywhere from 4pm to 7pm with the latest update finish time being 11pm. During daylight savings times, the update usually takes place as early as 4pm.
  • Please Expand This Article For Table Format

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Birdie Lover Birdie Lover 3 September 2020

Any tips on club management?

So I have a hang out club with teams for dressage and show jumping. I have had people leave my club and people say its lame. I really need some tips on how to manage my club! I dont have a uniform or tack that we are supposed to wear. I also am really nice to the members and not very strict at all. 

Should i be more strict? or become just a showjumping and dressage club? Should I have an outfit? I am clearly a mess! 

Oh and how can i make my club more popular?          Please respond as soon as possible :)                    

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Birdie Lover Birdie Lover 2 September 2020

Valley of the Hidden Dino is so cool

I love dino valley!!!!!! I just unlocked it and it is really pretty! 

My Irish Cob looks so cute just galloping through the snow! I havent been able to stop saying how beatiful Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur is.  

If anyone has tips on quests please write them in the comments. :)

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ILoveMyHorses ILoveMyHorses 10 August 2020


Ok I'm just going to say hello

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Celine Strawcobbler Celine Strawcobbler 9 August 2020

Well hi

Hello everybody

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BirgitAshDragon BirgitAshDragon 4 July 2020

My Style.

I have a sort of style in Sso. I preferably like to buy certain horses, clothing, pets, weaves, etc. I also have trust issues. I need the person to talk to me first before friending me. I'm not as bad as some people, but i just don't have trust in ones who don't talk to me firstly. They may be hackers, nobody knows. I love all my horses deeply, My starter Frost, my Connie Raven, My ponies Dawn & Angel. My danish Cole, my Irish cob Phantom, my Dale Buddy. And my Morgan, Summer. I'm getting more horses by the minute, but those are the horses i love the most. Espicially frost.  I'm not a big fan on many things in the game, and i finished all the soul rider quests. I get bored easily.  My bestest friend in the game is a girl named Leah PotatoMo…

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MagicMermaidsClan MagicMermaidsClan 1 July 2020

The Star Stable Upcoming News - Spilled By SSO

Cloud Kingdom

July 1st | Is that a hot air balloon in the distance? (Cloud KIngdom, passed)

Silverglade & Moorland

July 8th | Saddle up for Linda’s limited-edition jumping course!

July 15th | Cor blimey! Three new colors, one majestic horse. (Last 3 English Throughbred Colors)

Jorvik Stables

July 22st | Raise the roof! Open House is back!

July 29th | A new collection to explore! (Something like Token, Catherine's Memories, etc.)


August 5th | Part show jumping; part cross-country; only at Goldenleaf Stables!

August 12th | Perk up a pointed ear for the jangling tack of this regal riding horse! (Marwari Horses??)


August 19th | A special ride to celebrate the ties that bind. (Red String Trail Ride)

August 26th | Welcome home, Soul Rider…

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Elizabeth9Songford7!7 Elizabeth9Songford7!7 14 June 2020


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Elizabeth9Songford7!7 Elizabeth9Songford7!7 13 June 2020


I mean. Be ready!

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Elizabeth9Songford7!7 Elizabeth9Songford7!7 13 June 2020

New horse

The English thoroughbred is coming in Four days! Be ready?

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StormySkye StormySkye 29 May 2020

Comet Supernovas!

Hey Jorvikipedia! Just letting you know that my club, Comet Supernovas, is now up and running! Just ask if you want any details, and of course I’d love to meet you in game if you are on Soda Night (UK server). We are an all rounder club. We have an elite dressage team too, but dressage is entirely optional in the club as we co schedule it with other events. We also hold jumping and cross country events, along with rp sessions, competitions, games, home stable visiting and more! We like to do western events too but I have literally no idea about western riding so it usually ends up being a dance session xD We need club leaders too and would love if you could join us. Mail me, Rei Dragoncry, in game or comment on my message wall or blog post…

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Dina Smoothwolf Dina Smoothwolf 27 May 2020

Cyborg Wolves

We are Dangerous Mermaids!

•We belong to the amazing sever Hazy Galaxy!

•We teach from Beginner to Elite

•Practice and Meetings will take place at 7pm eastern, 4pm pacific, 6pm central


•We also have our own Instagram!

Our Members

Dina Smooth Wolf- Owner (Bullet)

Schedule This will change every week

•Monday- Dressage Practice at Riding Hall (Gaps and Timing)

•Tuesday- Dressage Practice at Riding Hall (Feather and Wave)

•Wednesday- Free Day! Enjoy the Update!

•Thursday- Club Meeting at Club House located in Silverglade Village

•Friday- Event Day (There will not always be an event on this day)

•Saturday- Free Day!

•Sunday- Free …

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Emily Mountainthunder Emily Mountainthunder 22 May 2020

Thunder Birds

Hi Starstable fans! I have an awesome club I made called "Thunder Birds!" More info below:

Thunder Birds is an Elite-Dressage club that teaches all levels we're on a North American server called Cookie Canyon and for an interview click this link :

Hope you join the family!

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GamerGirlLegend2019 GamerGirlLegend2019 17 May 2020

Hi I love SSO

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Rivermare158 Rivermare158 16 May 2020

life sucks

Hi everyone im a Candian im a Aires and i love horses since i was 5 years old and im 15 now im  shy weird alone and love writing stories and songs i wrote a song about my ex bf called heartbreaker its about a boy breaking his gf heart

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StormySkye StormySkye 8 May 2020

Hello World!

Hey! I'm just writing this to say a big hello to everyone on jorvikipedia, and I hope you're all ok during this coronacrisis! Like that? I made it up just there xD

ill be posting more frequently from now on so you'll be hearing more from me soon!

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Amazing Protectors Inc. Amazing Protectors Inc. 7 May 2020


Name: Isabella Lightningfrog/Izzy Hightower

Age: 18

D.O.B.: 6/4/2002 (made up)

Gender: Female

Favourite Colour: Blue

Soul Rider Power(s): All

Birth Place: South Hoof

Nationality: American

Current Home: Starshine Ranch


When I was born, my parents (Erik and Holly Hightower) were quite poor. You probally don't belive me, but it's true. They couldn't afford to keep me, nor my not much younger sister, Summer (Willow Prettyriver) who was born a few weeks later. They had to put both of us up for adoption, and an American family visited, and took me back to America. I never saw Summer in my life, since I had to go straight to the adoption center. I grew up in a big mansion, and one day, I went out with my friends, and a few riders happened to pass by…

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Arquéawolven Arquéawolven 6 May 2020

I did a thing...

All right, so... I can't explain, but I did a thing... :)

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AllisonKittenhouse1 AllisonKittenhouse1 12 April 2020

Star stable

Hello all,

I miss star stable so much. :( I can't be on yet, hoping I'll get a computer for my birthday or Christmas. Ughhhhhh

I want to be on so much and if I was on I would have been on everyday.

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