Avalon is a druid who lives in Valedale. According to Elizabeth Sunbeam, he is one of the Keepers of Aideen's most intelligent druids.


Avalon becomes involved with the player several times over the course of the game, such as when the Valedale Lake was poisoned, or when the first Pandoric Rift opened in Golden Hills Valley. Avalon also makes an appearance in one of the Valentine's Day quests as the recipient of a lost Valentine's letter.


  • Avalon worked at Fort Maria's library as a librarian, until an unknown incident (most likely the one that got the fort closed).
  • Despite his attempts to be welcoming, Avalon feels nervous around stray horses whenever they visit him.
  • Linda considers Avalon as one of her closest Druid friends and looks up to him as a knowledgable mentor.
  • Multiple times prior to Star Stable Online, he had offered lost or runaway Druids like Rhiannon a place to stay.
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