Atlas is a work horse owned by Isabel Stonefield.


He previously appeared as a light grey Jorvik Warmblood, with his white mane done up in plaits, but is now a cremello North Swedish Horse with bright blue eyes that set him apart from the purchasable model, which has lighter eyes. Atlas originally had a brown bridle and saddle, along with a striped gray saddle pad, but when he was updated, this changed to a black bridle and saddle with a teal saddle pad.

Atlas as he previously appeared in-game

Atlas as he currently appears in-game

Atlas in-game now


Atlas could be derived from the Greek τλαω (tlao) meaning 'to endure'. The name originates from the Greek Mythological Titan, who was punished by Zues by requiring him to hold the heavens upon his shoulders.

Star Stable Online

The player first learns about Atlas from Isabel herself, after finding her trapped under her wagon in the Mirror Marshes. She tasks the player with finding Atlas as he has run off in a panic after being spooked by a woman in the marshes.

When the player discovers Atlas, he is standing beside Scott Buttergood who informs the player that Atlas broke through the unfinished bridge across The Great Thunder and was saved from falling by Scott and his employees. He intends to keep the horse until the owner repays the damages, but the player convinces Scott to give him back by beating him in a race and Atlas returns to his owner.


  • Despite Atlas' quest ending with him returning to Isabel, he still remains standing next to Scott by the bridge.
  • Atlas' old model was the same model used for Bartok.
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