Ashland is an area located in the north of Valley of the Hidden Dinosour.

Currently, the area is unreleased. Though it has been around for awhile, unlike most areas it has not received any updates. It is uncertain whether or not SSO will release the area anytime soon. The team has not mentioned the area recently, and it has not made an appearance in any previous games.

You can see the passage into the area up a path in Valley of the Hidden Dinasour, which is blocked off by large piles of snow.

Inside, the area consists of a small path which leads to a single house. The area also houses the volcano known as Garnok's Fury. Scattering the area are geysers and bushes, which when gone near will display a message saying "This area isn't safe enough to be accessible. Head back to the road..."


  • The Ashlands are mentioned by Nic Stoneground.
  • The Ashlands are also mentioned in a mysterious fortune told by Ydris.
  • The volcano in the Ashlands is active.