The Appaloosa is a horse breed available in Star Stable: The Summer Rider, Star Stable Online and Star Stable Horses.


Date Development
January 12, 2022 A release date of January 19, 2022 is given for the G3 Appaloosa on SSO's News page.[1]
January 17, 2022 A trailer for the G3 Appaloosa is released on SSO's social media pages.[2]
January 19, 2022 Six variations of the G3 Appaloosa are added to the game.[3]
January 20, 2022 The Black Varnish Roan Leopard variation of the G3 Appaloosa is added to the Star Stable Horses App.[4]
February 16, 2022 Star Stable initially announces that the generation 1.5 Appaloosa will be removed from the game on April 6th, 2022. Players who own this horse will be able to keep them, but the model will not receive any more updates or bug/glitch fixes after its removal.[5]
March 30, 2022 The G1.5 Appaloosas (along with G1.5 Akhal-Tekes) are erroneously removed early. [6]
April 13, 2022 The G1.5 Appaloosas are added back to the horse market, with a final removal date of April 27th given. [6]
April 27, 2022 The G1.5 Appaloosas are permanently removed from the game.
August 31, 2022 The Galaxy variation of the G3 Appaloosa is added to the game, modelled and named after a horse in the upcoming book series Moorland Stables.[7]
September 28, 2022 The Red Dun Lacing Blanket variation of the G3 Appaloosa is added to the game.[8]
June 20, 2023 SSO announces the G2 Appaloosa will be removed permanently on August 16, 2023. Players who own this horse will be able to keep them, but the model will not receive any more updates or bug/glitch fixes after its removal. Its price is permanently reduced to 225 SC.[9]
July 5, 2023 The Black Snowflake Extended Blanket and Black Few Spot variations of the G3 Appaloosa are added to the game.
August 16, 2023 The G2 Appaloosas are permanently removed from the game.
July 03, 2024 The Palomino Leopard variation of the G3 Appaloosa is added to the game.[10]



"In the Pacific Northwest on the Columbia Plateau the Nimíipuu people, called the Nez Percé, developed one of the world’s most colorful breeds. Named by white settlers after the Palouse River, the Appaloosa are descendents of the Spanish horses brought to the Americas. The breed was said to be lofty, narrow bodied, elegantly formed, and some displayed irregular white spots and a unique gait. Their numbers were decimated after the Nez Percé War, the remaining horses confiscated or crossbred for farming. But the flashy coat patterns did not disappear and their global popularity increased over the last century, their bloodlines added to other breeds to spread their beautiful coats.

While iconic in American Westerns, the Appaloosa is a versatile breed that excels in all riding disciplines, performing as well in barrel racing as in show jumping. They are reliable and friendly, good for any age, and intelligent. No two Appaloosa look the same, coming in every base color and several different spotting patterns. They are loyal companions, courageously staying by your side through any adventure, as unique and special as you!

The Appaloosa breeders of Jorvik cultivated the rare gait, prized by the Nez Percé and ranch hands alike, and called it the Appy Amble. Historically, “shufflers” were highly sought after by cowpokes, the smooth intermediate gait ideal for working all day in the saddle."


"Galaxy is a spotted blanket Appaloosa with a mysterious past. The horse might appear aloof and untrained at first, but Galaxy is a quick learner and a patient rider will be rewarded with a loyal and brave companion who won't back down from any challenge."

Unique Features[]

The Appy Amble[]

Note: The horse must reach level 7 to perform this gait.

While most breeds in SSO only have five gaits, the Generation 3 Appaloosa has six. This special gait is called the "appy amble". In SSO no other horse breed is able to Appy Amble. To do the Appy Amble, the horse must be walking. The player then must hold down the 'Shift' key and then simultaneously hit either the up arrow or the 'W'. The Gen 3 Appaloosa will then begin to do the Appy Amble. During the Appy Amble, the horse cannot move to a faster gait or jump. To stop Ambling, simply slow your horse down like you would with any other.


Eight hairstyles can be purchased for the Gen 3 Appaloosa at the Horse Stylist.

  • Default
  • Button Braids
  • Cropped
  • Short
  • Loose Bands
  • Braids
  • Long Straight
  • Long Wavy

Colors, Pricing, and Location[]

Note: The Generation 1/1.5 and 2 Appaloosas were removed from the game on April 27, 2022, and August 2023 respectively.

The Gen 3 Appaloosas are sold for 900 SC. They are located at Starshine Ranch, with the exception of Galaxy:

  • Bay Extended Blanket
  • Black Extended Snowcap
  • Black Few Spot
  • Black Leopard
  • Black Snowflake Extended Blanket
  • Chestnut Varnish Roan Extended Blanket
  • Flaxen Chestnut Peacock Leopard Blanket
  • Galaxy (Black Blanket) - Fort Pinta
  • Palomino Leopard
  • Red Dun Lacing Blanket
  • Sun Bleached Black Extended Blanket

Star Stable Horses[]


Black Varnish Roan Leopard

A G3 Appaloosa is available in Star Stable Horses. The fully raised foal can be bought for 900 SC.

  • Black Varnish Roan Leopard


  • The Gen 3's special gait, the "Appy Amble," also goes by the names "Appaloosa Shuffle" and "Indian shuffle." SSO likely avoided using the former of the two as it can be seen as an insensitive term for the native peoples of North America. [11]
  • The Appaloosa has had five additional coats added to the game.


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