Andy is Mrs. Packard's grandson. He can be found down by the chicken coop near Firgrove. He is in charge of taking care of both the chickens and the sheep in the sandpit.

Andy's old icon


At the beginning of SSO, Andy appeared as young, small, buck-toothed boy with an orange plaid work shirt, blue jeans, and brown muck boots.

Andy's Old Appearance

Andy's appearance was subsequently revamped during the Wednesday update of April 10, 2019. In this update, Andy was aged up to that of a tween-teenaged boy smaller teeth and youthful freckles. While he still wears similar clothes, his shirt now has rolled up sleeves and stripes. His jeans gain a lighter wash and he wears brown leather shoes.

Andy's new appearance


Andy is the diminutive of Andrew which is the English form of the Greek name Ανδρεας (Andreas), which was derived from ανδρειος (andreios) "manly, masculine", a derivative of ανηρ (aner) "man".


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