Has been dead for years.

Star Stable Online

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The Ancient Tree is located on the Stone Circle in South Hoof Peninsula.

Its real name is Singing Yew, and it is one of the several Primeval Trees located throughout Jorvik.

Star Stable Online

The next Primeval Tree the player meets is the Sleeping Yew, after setting Justin free, the Soul Riders seeks the tree in helping Justin and finding Concorde. With a power boost from Alex, the player uses the music of the wind to wake up the Sleeping Yew. Alex tries to ask the tree for a favor, but the Sleeping Yew is a little snappy with the present of strangers until it notices Tin-Can. Then, the tree asks what the Soul Riders need upon hearing their request it performs the Whisper's Cry with Justin and it likes the idea of keeping him for eternity as payment. Refusing that instead all the tree asks is that the player and Alex return some point in the future to help the tree grow to its potential. As the ritual began, the tree told Justin to relax and close his eyes during it when he experienced pain, the tree said it wouldn't keep him but that there wouldn't be any pain. When Justin saw thousands of horses feeling their joy, purpose and need, the Sleeping Yew told him to focus on that need especially Aideen's gift, but when the boy spoke of seeing symbols like the runestones the tree called the language of Jor. But aware of the danger the tree told him to hurry as his safety couldn't be guaranteed, and yet just before the connected ended, Concorde was found.


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