Alex Cloudmill is one of the Soul Riders, and lightning is her symbol. She is the main character of Starshine Legacy: Episode 4, along with her horse, Tin-Can.

Her power allows her to shoot lightning with her hands, which petrifies her target.

She comes from a poor family and is the only girl among four brothers. She has an interest in motors, and she is very protective of her younger brother James, who gets into a lot of trouble.


Alex is bold, brave, tough, independent and caring towards her friends, but she is overprotective towards her brother James, which Fripp thinks is her weakness, as well as being comforting towards her mother.

She seems to harbor some jealousy towards Anne of how she had everything and Alex didn't. And at one point, she was also irresponsible with her powers, which almost led to an accident, meaning that she has a bit of a temper. But she still harbors a little regret for not finding out about Anne sooner, showing her rarely seen vulnerable side. Even before they became friends Alex pulled on constantly pulled pranks on Anne such as pouring oats in her new boots for years, causing Anne to go home crying sometimes and putting a lizard in her locker, showing that she has a prankster side to those she likes and shows affection is by getting angry and overprotective.

Unlike Anne, Alex isn't a stickler for rules and can be disobedient. As she went against Elizabeth's orders to invoke the power of the Whisper's Cry to awaken Justin's powers.

According to Helena Dahlgren in the Making of Alex video, she is naturally suspicious of other people's intentions due to her background. In her Soul Rider video, Alex felt like she didn't belong anywhere to the point where she got into so much trouble, believing she was worthless.

Until she met Elizabeth, from her former mentor, she learned acceptance and that you don't need violence to solve a problem.


Alex was born and raised in Jorvik City as the only daughter of the Cloudmill family. In addition to her younger brother James, she has three unnamed older brothers who remain unseen in all of the games. Her childhood home can be found behind Jollister in Governor's Fall, but her family was forced to move out as rent prices went up after some renovations were made in the area. Despite her family's bittersweet move, Alex recalls having "many happy memories there".

Sometime after the Cloudmill's moved away from Governor's Fall, they moved into the infamously poor neighbourhood of Crow's Nest; a suburb of Jorvik City. While this neighbourhood is never accessible in-game, it is mentioned by both Alex and Linda in Episode 2 of Starshine Legacy and can be seen on the Starshine Legacy map near Pier 13. The rough environment of Crow's Nest contributed to Alex's tempermental personality as she and her family had to fight to survive, a fact that she laments throughout the course of the games.

Alex and her mother have a difficult relationship. Although she loves her mom, Alex says she was "barely there" growing up. Because of her mother's absence, the survival of the Cloudmill family fell on Alex's shoulders- in addition to protecting James from bullies and keeping him out of trouble, she had to "put food on the table" and "keep a roof" over their heads. It is stated in her character biography that she "had to grow up quick and become a parent to James".

Alex's father is unknown, and has never been in her or her brother's lives.

Starshine Legacy[]

Alex's story begins with her protecting one of her brothers, James, from a nasty bully by the name of Buck. She easily defeats him with only words, but is confronted by Katja who challenges her to a race. Alex cockily accepts and moves forward with the race to Scarecrow Hill, retrieving a golden apple, and returning to their starting point first. During their race, Katja somehow made it back in half the time Alex took, but brushed it off like it was nothing. To "make things up", Katja kisses James, but he quickly feels strangely ill.

The next morning, Alex learns that James had disappeared last night. She turns to her friends for help, and Linda offers her a vision. In the vision, Alex sees Katja holding James, telling her he'll never return unless she trades him for Tin-Can at Devil's Gap. Unsure of what to do, the group informs Mr. Herman who tells them to seek aid from Fripp. With them, Alex learns she is a Soul Rider. Fripp also helps Alex quickly master her abilities to Soulstrike; strike with a ball of lightning in order to defend herself from upcoming danger.

Knowing she'll need help with this dangerous mission, she seeks the aid of Linda. When she finds her, Linda tells Alex that her books, notes, and pictures had been stolen by Mr. Sands' goons. Alex jumps back onto Tin-Can and travels to the Old Mill to retrieve her friend's stolen items within a few moments. Using her new abilities, she easily takes back Linda's books and returns them soon after. With her books returned, the duo learn about Garnok. They look through different images, each of them symbolizing the four friends and even Fripp.

Only moments after learning of these things, Alex calls in a panic. She tells them that her father works for the Dark Core and had suddenly been called away to the middle of nowhere to pursue some project called "Gar-nok". Not only does Alex now have to stop this Gar-nok project, but she must also save her brother! With Alex's help, she easily found the entrance to a Dark Core building to stop the project but instead stole a book telling stories of past incarnations of herself and others. According to the information she learns, this could be the Pandorian Codex. Now she had everything she needed to get James back. Wasting no time, she went to Devil's Gap.

When she finds Katja, she challenges her to a battle by the rules of Pandoria. Instead of battling Katja, Alex finds herself up against Buck, easily defeating him using her newfound abilities. By the rules of Pandoria, Katja returns James as the promised prize, but he's still under Katja's control. To truly free her brother, Alex challenges her to another race. She wins with ease and rescues James, who is now completely free of Katja's control.

Even though James was now safe, he still maintained a psychic connection to Katja. Linda used her powers to glimpse the images in his head, soon discovering that Mr. Sands had gathered the four element seals and was quickly gathering enough energy to free Garnok. The Soul Riders acted as quick as they could, traveled to the Secret Stone Circle, and each of the riders entered Pandoria one at a time to deactivate their seal in order to stop Dark Core from absorbing the power necessary to free Garnok. The Soul Riders succeed, halting Mr. Sands' plans and keeping Garnok imprisoned for another day.

This is the end of Starshine Legacy.

Star Stable Online[]

After Lisa and Anne went missing, Alex left Jorvik in search of any clues to their disappearances, but returned home with nothing.

Then she first meets the player at the Silverglade Stables, where she informs the player that while stopping Sabine's schemes, she was also looking for someone named Linda. But when Alex finds out that Justin got a letter from Sabine, she knew it would lead to trouble and asked the player if she'd seen Sabine's horse Khaan somewhere. Upon finding Khaan's hoof prints, they follow them just to see that they are too late. Not wanting to say more, Alex tells the player to inform Justin's father while she goes back to the manor. Meeting Alex again, she finds out that the Baroness is Justin's grandmother but couldn't find anything about Thomas' father. She felt that something wasn't right about his family connections and asked the player to check the Silverglade Town Hall. The Soul Riders succeed, halting Mr. Sands' plans and keeping Garnok imprisoned for another day.

From reading an old book the player found at the abandoned summer house, Alex is surprised to find one name; John Sandman. But, before wishing to go to Figrove for more research, Alex asks for the player's help searching for Linda. By searching, they find Linda's belongings, including her phone, and yet saw that it was left with a mysterious message with no name. Dialing the number Alex and the player discovers Godfrey on the other line; she hoped this was a misunderstanding when talking to him, but Alex found it strange that he didn't answer anything.

Knowing how clever Linda is, Alex suspected that she left trail somewhere and was informed by the player that the pages of her favorite book led to the Silverglade Castle. Remembering the story of a crying girl in the tower, Alex began to suspect it might be Linda, but with a few errands to run, she suggested that the player uses the tape recorder to record the sound. Returning from the castle Alex confirms that it is Linda and asks the player to talk to the Baroness. After recapping everything, Alex suggests that the player seeks help from Elizabeth in Valedale. Then, after showing Alex an old photo, she discovers that Mr. Sands and John Sandman are not only Justin's grandfather but the same person she dealt with before and realizes that Justin is in big trouble. However, listening to the player's idea to use a fake letter to draw Mr. Sands out of hiding, she agrees but wants the player to remain a safe distance away from him, refusing to let anything happen to them.

Finding out about the Baroness' connections to Mr. Sands and the danger Justin is in, Alex leaves to talk with Justin's grandmother. After hearing her tale, Alex and the player agree that the Baroness is a powerful ally. In exchange for keeping her secret, they get the key to free Linda from the castle. Afterwards, Alex tells the player that she wasn't only looking for Linda, but her other friends Lisa and Anne and that they are a part of the group called the Soul Riders, a group chosen to protect Jorvik from the forces of evil. Seeing the player's bravery and potential, she asks them to join them, and you accept.

Then, being reunited with Tin-Can, they ask the player to head for Valedale to talk to Elizabeth searching for Tin-Can's old horseshoes, and the player meets Alex at the Secret Stone Circle, where you meet the other keepers of Aideen.

After spending some time guarding the Northern Irongate, Alex speaks of a Golden Apple that can turn the witch Pi good again. Hearing of the player's success Alex figures out that the witch was supposed to turn Justin's horse into a Dark Horse. That Justin was still in Dark Core's headquarters on an oil rig.

Alex asks the player to accept the brave mission, and in doing so, she remains guard over the beach to make sure we're not followed. When the player returns Alex learns that Mr. Sands already has two Dark Riders and are trying to gather two others in a hurry. While trying to stop the druids from finding Lisa and Anne knowing Dark Core was connected to their disappearances.

At the druid meeting, Alex explains that Justin has joined Dark Core but isn't fully convinced of his actions and that Mr. Sands is trying to use the Light Ceremony to strengthen Garnok by doing it backwards.

Sometime later, thanks to the player's brave actions, Alex works together with the player to seal up the Pandoric Cracks appearing in Silverglade and other places.

During another druid meeting, she is happy to have Lisa back, and receives word that Anne is in Pandoria. Once progress with the Lightning Circle has been made, Alex assigns the player to watch over Dark Core's actions in an attempt to stop their plans and save her friends.

Then, Alex hears that James is having nightmares. With Mrs. Holdsworth's help, she and her friends discover that Katja has returned.

On the player's third trip to the Dark Core Headquarters, Alex and everyone comes to rescue Justin. Following suit, she and the girls were amazed that the player's horse flew and return to Moorland with Justin. After locating him, Alex and the girls were shocked that he was arrested by the druids.

Once the player obtains the Pandorian Keystone, Alex and the others want to go with the player to rescue Anne but are stopped by Fripp because he needs their help in keeping the portal opened, and they wish the player luck. After the player's first failed attempt to rescue her, Darko and Garnok force their way into the secret stone circle to capture everyone. Fripp uses his powers to destroy the Pandorian Keystone and save everyone. Before Fripp passes out he speaks of Evergray.

With Evergray's name unknown to them Alex and the others leave to talk with Avalon who tells them that he is his brother and a former druid but was banished for knowing too much and asking for his whereabouts they hear he is in New Hillcrest.

Regrouping at the Wolf Inn, Alex was informed that without Concorde the plan to use the gate at Guardian's Dale won't work but Lisa suggests storming Dark Core's headquarters to demand that they release Anne and if not use their way to get back to the realm, but agreed with Linda about being cautious. Believing that the Dark Riders may know of Concorde's whereabouts, Alex was skeptical knowing they wouldn't tell them anything and yet heard that Linda may have found a way through the Pandorian Codex, along with Lisa she returns to Fripp's room to continue searching for their missing friend, but instructs the player work with Evergray to make a new keystone.

Afterwards, Alex and the gang put on the act of Fripp being outside of the Secret Stone Circle to lure Katja into a trap which turned into a race of truth by Pandorian Codex rules in an effort to find Concorde. She agrees to the terms and lets the race be at Scarecrow Hill. Having been challenged by her before, Alex knew of her tricks and distracted her so the player could win the race. As per the agreement, they ask where Concorde is, and they receive word that Anne's horse is gone.

Continuing the search to find Concorde, Alex and the others hear from Elizabeth that their horses are Starbreeds, and have the ability to be reborn, including Concorde. She heads to the mountain paddock to begin the player's training in wild whispering with Rhiannon, but with so many foals and little time, Alex and Rhiannon talk to Elizabeth about seeking help from the Life Warden for tapping into Justin's gift. Going against her wishes Alex, Linda and the player break him out of prison and take him to the Primeval Tree in South Hoof in an attempt to find Concorde's new incarnation. With Alex's help, the player wakes up the Sleeping Yew, but Elizabeth caught wind of what the Soul Riders were doing, and she was led away by Elizabeth for her actions of putting all the Starbreeds in danger and for risking Justin's life.

However, Elizabeth was proud of Alex and knew she had a hard background, and informed the player that she was gathering supplies in The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur. The player finds her being down on herself for her actions but regains her vigor after getting a pep talk from the player. After Concorde has been rescued, Alex and everyone are filled with the hope of rescuing Anne.

All that was left was to make another Pandorian keystone while the player was making it in Stonecutter's Vault. Alex helped Rhiannon keep Concorde out of trouble but was surprised to see that this current incarnation of Concorde was a girl, with Rhiannon explaining that having a Soul Horse as a female was a rare occurrence. After the keystone was complete, Alex heard that the player was under threat by Sabine, and she, along with Lisa, came to the rescue. With the keystone secured, all the Soul Riders and their horses spent the day at their special campsite when it was Alex's turn to share a story about Anne. At first, she couldn't think of any stories except about how much her background clashed with Anne's. However, she admits that there was a time she used her powers irresponsibly in the past, which led to an accident and someone getting hurt, and Anne was there to save the day as well as stayed by Alex's side for support.

However, she harbors regret for not coming to Anne's rescue sooner and stays around the campfire for a while listening to Lisa's song. When morning comes, she and everyone leave for Guardian's Dale, and with the Soul Rider's powers, they open the portal. Once in Pandoria, Linda and Lisa expressed the joy of returning; however, Alex didn't enjoy being back with everything out to get them. They make it to Anne's crystal prison, and Alex asks for her forgiveness. Soon, Darko interrupts them talking about how he used Anne in their experiments to create something called Dark Sun to quicken Garnok's release. Hearing enough, she zaps him with her Soul Strike and says they're leaving with Anne; however, he leaves them with a parting gift, then she and the player separated and left to fight with the monstrous Mr. Anwir. But together, they manage to beat him and return to the others but find that Darko is gone. Using the chance, they try to figure a way to get Anne out. Alex proposed using her powers but was halted by Linda under the possibility of it hurting her.

Concorde releases her by kicking the crystal, but when Anne doesn't recognize the Concorde, she knows Alex says that his soul lives on in her. As well as hearing her friend wanting to avenge her previous incarnation, but that would have to wait. With Darko trying to close the portal, they all raced to get back. And yet, refusing to let Darko get away with what he did to her friends, Alex leaves Tin-Can to go back to Jorvik while she fought the mastermind alone. During their struggle, Alex admits that they beat Mr. Sands and his minions once before and will do it again with him, but she is overpowered by the wizard, claiming she nothing without her horse but an angry girl from the streets. Soon she is saved by Elizabeth. Just as she was about to accept her hand with horror, she saw Elizabeth get turned into a crystal by Darko. With no choice, Alex hears her parting words, "There was so much I never got to tell you, Alex!" With her last breath, she says, "I'm proud of you." Before sacrificing herself to save her. In the aftermath, Alex is found grieving by the player about what happened. Despite the player's best efforts to comfort her, she takes full responsibility that her actions costing them Elizabeth and being trapped.

As the player looks for a way out, in her grieving, Alex asks why Elizabeth came for her, and the player responds she did it out of love which she couldn't understand. As the player continued to find a way out, she continued to see the hopelessness in their situation, believing Elizabeth sacrificed herself for nothing until the player said otherwise. After following Lisa's voice and a trail of light to a hidden mechanism, it activates opening a portal, and Alex starts to hear Lisa's voice through her song. Happy they found them, the pair walked through the portal and were greeted by everyone.

However, returning to the campsite, Alex tells them of Elizabeth's demise, saying it was all her fault but was told by the others not to blame herself and that the five ride as one as a sisterhood. When morning comes, Alex thanks the player for bringing the Soul Riders back together but mourns about who they lost to get this far, but understands they have to move on with Dark Core still out there, but Alex wants to celebrate life with her friends being together to the end.

Then, she and the others attend Elizabeth's memorial at Abbey's Dole, but on the way there, Alex asks the player to accompany her there, and yet she still feels guilty about what happened to Elizabeth, mentioning how much she meant to her despite the player's best effort to comfort her. Once there, she is checked upon by Lisa, and after the memorial is over, Alex says her final goodbyes to her mentor.

She attends the annual Light Ride with her friends, and afterwards, they talk about who should lead the druids, and they all suggest Alex.

Sometime later after Fripp has woken up from his condition, Alex noticed that Anne took the five leaf clover and goes after her in their attempts to turn Concorde back they felt a mysterious force trying to stop them and soon they were met up with the rest of their sisterhood and have help in their quest.

After Fripp is awoken again, the other members of the group go to the swamp to see if she went there for help. After helping her turn back into a human, Pi helps them find Anne in the Hollow Woods, where the same mysterious force has taken over. The three Soul Riders escape the force, and find Alex, Anne, and Concorde soon after. Anne explains that she wants to grow up Concorde to return to the bond they used to have, and after hearing the explanation the others decide to support her.

The next morning, they all head back to Valedale Village and talk with Avalon and Fripp. Although Avalon doesn't agree with them, they continue with their plan to unlock the clover. They go back to Pi to ask her to do it, but she refuses, so they go to Mrs. Holdsworth instead. However, they find that she isn't at her house, but Kora comes with a message for them that Mrs. Holdsworth hasn't returned from a trip to the Fort Maria Library, so they head to Epona to look for her.

Once there, they find that the mysterious force has surrounded the fort and the front door cannot be opened. They go to the Buttergood Family to see if they would know how to get inside, and talk to Scott Buttergood. He tells them that he is looking for the "Fort Maria Fiend," and that it has been getting into the fort and can talk. The Soul Riders agree to help him catch the monster, hoping that it can tell them how to get inside.

After waiting for nightfall, they catch the "monster," who turns out to be Beatrix the capran. After earning her trust, she shows them the Ruined Entrance that they can use to get into the fort and Linda is amazed by the number of books inside the fort. Inside, they find Mrs. Holdsworth and tell her about the situation. After talking with her, Jessica appears and steals Mrs. Holdsworth's papers, which they were going to use to research The Vala, the mysterious force. Outside, they find her arguing with one of the Vala witches, who has stolen the papers from her. The player then takes the papers back while avoiding both Jessica and the Vala witch, and the whole group goes back into the library, where they talk and it turns out that Mrs. Holdsworth does not have the abilities to use the clover. They decide that they will have to go to the Vala for help.


  • According to Fripp, in the Starshine Legacy Comics Alex's over-protectiveness and fear because of her brother is her weakness.
  • According to the artists in the Making of Alex video, she is physically the strongest of the Soul Riders. Her biggest weakness is her reluctance to let anyone else into her life out of the fear of being hurt or used.
  • She is the first Soul Rider we meet in the SSO game.
  • Unlike Lisa, Linda and Anne; Alex's only horse experience has been with Tin-Can.
  • She is born on April 5th.
  • According to Fripp, the power of Lightning Circle can also protect against sickness, witchcraft, and malevolent magic.
    • Besides the power of the Soul Strike, the Lightning power can be used to defend and stop magic.
  • In the last part of Anne's rescue, Alex says, "Leave now. Or should I turn up the voltage?" meaning that she and any other rider of the Lightning Circle can control how much power they use with their Soul Strike as well as can charge others with electricity.
  • Alex is short for Alexandra, a name with Greek roots, meaning 'to ward off' or 'defend'.