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The statue of Aideen in Aideen's Plaza

Aideen is according to the Legend of Jorvik the girl who brought life to the island.

Star Stable Online

Aideen hasn't been seen in person but she mentioned several times by Fripp and the people who worship her or seeks her guidance in times of need.

In the "Sleeping Widow" quest it turns out that it was Aideen and her light that created the Primeval Trees. Also according to legend when one of the trees had it root connections cut off it was her and the music of her harp while riding across the sea that caused the tree to be reconnected with the other trees.

When Lisa and the Player repay their debt for the Sleeping Widow's help the tree asks for their help in reconnecting with other trees. With her harp they didn't only discover that the feat was a legend but real.


  • There is a theory that the descendants of Aideen are the four Soul Riders and that the player is a reincarnation of Aideen herself, due to the player having all of the Soul Rider's powers, like Aideen.
  • According to the newest update the Lightning Circle represents her judgement, the Moon Circle represents her wisdom, the Star Circle represents her heart and the Sun Circle represents her shield.
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