Agnetha is a landscaper and part-time groundskeeper of Silverglade Manor and it's garden. She lives in a house on the property with her husband Björn.


Agnetha and her husband Björn were added as non interactive NPC's sometime early in the year of 2013. The would not become interactive with quests until the Wednesday update of May 22, 2013. Along with the release of the quests, Björn and Agnetha were released as a reputation faction under the name, "The Vineyard's Master Gardeners". Since her original release, little has been changed to the quests Agnetha gives out, but her design did receive an update on April 26, 2015.

Agnetha 4

Agnetha's old model before the update

Agnetha 2

Agnetha's new model after the update


Before the Update

Before the update, Agnetha, appeared as an older woman with a perpetual frown on her face and a strong but sometimes overbearing personality. She wears a large green jacket with hot pink accents and a white v-necked t-shirt. She wears regular blue jeans and brown leather boots with tan laces. She wears a giant chainsaw on her back with the blades facing dangerously upwards.

Agnetha's old icon before the update

After the Update

After the update, Agnetha's clothing remains the same accept for the removal of her shoelaces, giving her boots more of a rubber gardening boot look and her chainsaw is now safely facing downwards. Her face received a more detailed update and while she still retains some wrinkles, she no longer sports a perpetual frown.


Agnatha (Pronounced: ahng-NE-tah), is the scandanavian variant of the name "Agnes", which comes from the latinized form of the Greek name ‘Αγνη (Hagne), derived from Greek ‘αγνος (hagnos) meaning "chaste".


All of the quests Agnetha gives involve restoring The Vineyard Garden. After the yellow quests within his quest line are finished, she will be only be intractable for daily blue quests and a race.

Main Quests

  • A Careful Cleaning of the Land
  • Plumbing in the Garden
  • The Big Secret
  • Not Only Flowers
  • Thirsty Flowers
  • Invasion in the Garden
  • A New Home for the Little Biters
  • Moon Garden
  • Mark Agnetha’s Grove
  • Agnetha is Stirred Up
  • Mark Out the Rose Garden
  • Roses for the Winery
  • Flowers to Fort Pinta

Daily Quests

  • Flower Delivery To Moorland
  • Deliver Flowers For The Championship - Firgrove
  • Weeds In The Baroness' Garden
  • Deliver Flowers For The Championship - Valedale

Race Quest

  • The Garden Race


  • Agnetha shares her original model and updated model with many of the stable wardens such as Judy, Claire, Nathalie Moonriver, Carin, and Jenna.
  • Agnetha and Björn are the names of two members of swedish group ABBA.
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